Door Access ID Card


Door Access ID Cards – Best Printing Practices   86 mm(L) x 54 mm(H) X 0.76 mm(T)

Door Access Id cards are increasingly popular, and are today’s door-access standard, because they permit users to conveniently (and more quickly) gain entry by simply waving cards in front of a point-of-entry reader. No physical swipe or magnetic strip is necessary. Today these ID cards are offered in open or proprietary formats, and offer varying levels of security, programmed with facility codes and a unique card (user) serial number.Door Access ID cards are read-only devices that have an embedded antenna. The cardholder data can be read when the proximity card is passed within range of a reader. The range of operation for proximity cards varies typically from 2.5″ to 20″ (63.5 mm to 508 mm) depending on the reader. Mainly used for access control applications, Door Access ID cards are also chosen in environments where crowd control is a factor.

  • Please refer to the font sample before picking a font and size.

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